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The Secret to Radically Impactful Storytelling

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I’m Jessica Blank, and I’m a writer, director, actor, speaker, and coach on a mission to impact our world through the transformative power of story.

My work as a playwright, screenwriter, director, filmmaker, actor, author, documentarian, and TV writer has taken me from studio lots in Los Angeles to military hospitals in San Antonio; the mountains of Appalachia to refugee neighborhoods in Amman; Off-Broadway rehearsal rooms to policymakers’ marble offices. I’ve worked with TV producers, NGO founders, movie stars, thought leaders and filmmakers; in the New York theater, in Hollywood, and in universities across the country. My work as a storyteller has impacted policy, moved high-level decision makers, even saved lives—and I figured out how to do it from scratch, through trial and error (which means I can teach it to you!)

Every day, I see in my own work and that of my clients story’s power to transform—to move us, change us, and make us see our world in new ways. My life is devoted to understanding and working with this power, across mediums, to expand our capacity for empathy, to move people, and to evolve our understanding of each other and our world.

“Jessica is the Michael Jordan of story. She takes you on a journey deep into your characters, and shows you how to weave that journey into the DNA of the story you’re trying to tell. Her process doesn’t feel like work. She’s fun, she’s funny, she’s brilliant. Your script will thank you for her.”
— Barry O'Brien, Executive Producer: CSI:MIAMI, THE FOLLOWING, TOUCH, CASTLE, co-creator of HANNAH MONTANA

“Tapping into Jessica's brain is bracing and rewarding. She's one of those dazzling, all-pistons-firing creative types, spanning directing, acting, and writing for page, stage and screen. Her teaching reflects not just her passion and empathy, but also her ability to extract the work’s purest essence.”
-David Handelman, TV writer/producer

“I am not exaggerating when I say that working with Jessica changed my life. She transformed my approach to writing and as a result, the writing itself . . . She is the best kind of teacher because she helps you figure out for yourself what you want to achieve and how to get there - rather than dictating the what or how as so many teachers do.”
— Sara Alize Cross, filmmaker
(2017 fellow, HBO Access Writing Fellowship; finalist, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards; recipient, Jack Oakie Comedy Fellowship and Jeffery Jones Scholarship for Screenwriting)

I have found Jessica to be a galvanizing force in my creative life, from career consulting to script sorcery. She is a badass who knows when to lead and when to listen, a magician and a midwife. When you're ready to shift from creative to creator, call Jessica."
-Erik Liberman, actor, playwright, screenwriter

"Jessica is incredibly smart and insightful. She is whip-smart and asks all the right questions, and has helped me develop plays, screenplays, and TV pilots. She has a way of getting to the heart of whatever I am working on to help me pull forth the strongest, most interesting parts. . . She always pushes me to probe deeper. Honest, funny, brilliant. . . she is, quite simply, the best."
-Ted Malawer, staff writer, NBC's RISE, Playwriting Fellow at the Juilliard School, author
(several novels with Random House, Penguin and Running Press)